• Outback Powered 10" Speaker

Outback Powered 10" Speaker


Plastic enclosure, high strength but light weighted.

High power and excellent tone tweeter and woofer.

Active models feature dual power amplifiers, crossover, low distortion, high performance, 3 band EQ, thermal/power surge/short circuit/limit protection. 

Passive models feature LC crossover, PTC/overload protection for reliable performance. 

Trapezoidal enclosure for monitoring application.

Two handles and light weight for easy transportation.

Model OB10A
Type 10"two way active full range cabinet
Frequency response 60Hz--20KHz(-10dB)
Input Sensitivity (line) 0dBu
Input Sensitivity (mic) -40dBu
Max SPL(dB) 121dB
AMP power 200W (LF)+50W (HF)
LF 10"woofer/50mm voice coil/150W/8Ω
HF 34mm compression driver/1"throat/30W
Coverage(HxV) 90°x60°
Crossover 2.5 kHz
Input connector JACK/XLR
Input voltage 115V / 230V
Hanging system 2×M10 hanging points
Dimension(WxHxD) 335×545×319 (mm)
Weight 14kg