• Alice Classical Guitar Strings A107

Alice Classical Guitar Strings A107


Alice A107 Classical Nylon Guitar Strings 
The Alice A107-N practice strings provide a high quality feel, decent sound, at a great price. Including standard 28-43 gauge strings. The strings are produced from multi-filament nylon core and are perfect for classical acoustic guitars. Packaged in a plastic sleeve to reduce size and cost, compared to the A108 model that comes in coloured paper box.

Alice Strings
Alice is a Chinese instrument string manufacturer that has long history of making strings under it's own brand and being an OEM manufacturer for other global brands. With material imported exclusively from the USA, Germany, France and Japan and using advanced manufacturing technologies, Alice strings product strings with precise pronunciation, sweet timbre and good durability, all at a low price. With these advantages, Alice guitar strings are becoming the preferred choice of many musicians.

String Gauges:

  • E. 1st - .028"
  • B. 2nd - .032"
  • G. 3rd - .040"
  • D. 4th - .029"
  • A. 5th - .035"
  • E. 6th - .043"