$349.00 AUD

Whether you’re practising at home, captivating audiences on stage or weaving intricate sonic tapestries in the studio, this pedal has you covered. Packed into a standard MXR housing that’s built like a tank, it’s easier to use and delivers higher fidelity signal reproduction than any other looper of its type. Highly engineered for incredible sound quality, it comes packed with features in a pedal board friendly housing and can be as simple or complex as your needs dictate. Just plug in, power up, and start recording an unlimited number of layers up to 6 minutes long (that will be stored even when the pedal is off). Run effects to your heart’s content - with storage sample rates up to 88.2kHz, this little box will handle even high gain distortion with ease. The Clone Looper Pedal can be set for either buffered bypass or true bypass switching to accommodate your tone and signal needs. The pedal is packed with options; from changing the speed of your loop to reversing it entirely. Connecting a Tap Tempo switch and/or a DVP volume pedal allows external function control. Cannot be powered by a battery.