$33.95 AUD

The OSGTA7600 is a chromatic tuner perfect for tuning your guitar or bass. It offers basic functionality and convenient tuning functions.

Features include an ultra-compact design, high-precision LCD, auto power-off function, built-in mic, pitch pipe function, and a comprehensive user interface.

Built-in Mic: For acoustics (1/4" input jack for electric instruments)
Calibration: 430-450Hz, with 1 Hz step
Tuning Key: C, F, Eb, Bb
Tuning Range: C1-B7
Precision: +/-1 cent
Display: 3 LEDs shows in-tune or mis-tune, LCD meter indicates precision of tuning in cents.
Power Off: After 5 minutes idle.
Number of Notes: 12 notes 4C-4B
Built-in Speaker: 27mm, dynamic speaker
Earphone Jack: 3.5mm jack (For reference tone only. Does not pass audio from Input Jack)
Input Jack for Electric Guitar and Bass: 6.3mm jack