$8.99 AUD

Scaled to fit 1/8 size violin with a playing length of 9 1/2 inches (241mm), these medium tension strings are optimized to the needs of a majority of players. Packaged in uniquely-designed sealed pouches providing unparalleled protection from the elements that cause corrosion.

Ascenté violin strings have been specifically designed to help players advance their craft with elegance and consistency. With a wider tonal range, excellent pitch stability and longevity, and superior durability, this synthetic core string delivers a more sophisticated palette that elevates their playing to the next level.
EXPRESSIVE TONE: expanded tonal palette designed to complement student instruments
AFFORDABLE SOPHISTICATION: elevated quality at an accessible cost
EXCELLENT PITCH-STABILITY: the best tuning stability of any synthetic core string available
UNBEATABLE RELISIENCE: engineered for unparalleled longevity and durability
ACCELERATED LEARNING: designed to help students sound better, faster