$149.95 AUD

The 5706 Medium Weight Snare Stand is low mass, double braced for extra stability without the weight that comes with a traditional double braced stand. This is a great stand for players who are looking for strength and stability and also to shed the weight in their hardware bag.

The excusive round rubber foot provides additional stability, without a large profile. The hinged height adjustment collar is fitted with a nylon insert to prevent any metal to metal contact. The geared basket tilter and nylon wing nut basket arm adjuster help to position the snare securely at a comfortable angle. This stand will fit 10” to 15” drums with metal hoops as well as 14” drums with wood hoops. Height range is 18” to 25”.


  • Great for the gigging drummer
  • Low mass, double-braced tripod for added stability
  • Exclusive round rubber feet provide stability without a large profile
  • Hinged height adjustment with nylon collar insert
  • Geared basket tilter
  • Nylon wing nut basket arm adjuster
  • Height range: 18” to 25” with 7/8” to 1” diameter tubes
  • Fits 10” to 15” drums with metal hoops
  • Fits 14” drum with wood hoops