$799.00 AUD

The latest masterpiece from the Gibraltar Rack Factory features a radical new look and expanded functionality.

A creative combination of two separate packs made from the:
> GSCYMARM Gibraltar Spider Rack Cymbal Arm pack ($665 RRP)
> GIGSPIDERV Gibraltar V-Pipe Spider Rack System pack ($1269 RRP)

The Spider Rack can be used with the selection of drum, accessory & cymbal mountings as shown or customized to suit the players preference.

Spider Rack GSCYMARM Cymbal Arm Package Parts Listing:
2 x GSCUCB Ultra Adjust Boom Arm 2 x GSCSBBT Short Cymbal Boom Brake Tilter
2 x GSCLBBT Long Cymbal Boom Brake Tilter
1 x GSCCLRA Cymbal L-Rod Attachment

Spider Rack GIGSPIDERV Parts Listing:
2 x GSSMS Stealth VMS Side Mounting System
2 x GSCGPRLV 44" Long V-pipe
2 x GSCGPRSV 33" Short V-pipe
4 x GSCRMAA Rack Tube Attachment Mount
4 x GSCGCRA Chrome Right Angle Clamp
1 x GSCGCSMC Chrome Series Super Multi Clamp
3 x GSCGCML Chrome Series Memory Lock 2PK
1 x GSCEA200 Super Grabber Extension arm

Optional Hardware for Spider Rack set up: 1 x GI6611DB Avenger Double Pedal
1 x GI6607NL No leg hi hat stand
1 x GSCSPCM Single Ball L-Rod with Cymbal Mount
2 x GSCLBL L-Rod Ball w/12.7mm Rod