$489.00 AUD

The Stealth G Drive bass drum pedal exemplifies the features that today's drummer demands in a pedal.

Combining a strong, powerful feel with speed, fluidity, and precision, this pedal helps you pinpoint each note quickly and easily. Independent pedal board height adjustment from the spring and beater angle lets you dial in your perfect pedal action for an incredible playing experience. An aluminum base plate featuring a drum key holder gives a stable foundation to the pedal frame, combined with a hoop clamp tightener at the top of the frame for ultimate convenience for attaching and detaching the pedal from a seated position.


  • Strong, powerful, fast dual chain drive feel
  • Two bearing per drive system
  • Pedal board height adjustment independent from spring tension or beater angle
  • Fast touch, smooth, G branded pedal board
  • Quick Response rocker hub spring assembly
  • Aluminum base plate with drum key
  • Dual surface black and chrome 90gm beater
  • Cast frame with textured black finish