$459.00 AUD

The STEALTH Vertical Mounting System showcases your drum kit and gives you a clean, uncluttered stage appearance... getting rid of bulky tripods and big rack bars running across your bass drum.

With the STEALTH System you can create a low-profile vertical mounting plane for your toms and snare, creating a rock-solid foundation no matter how you like to setup your kit. The innovative mounting system works with virtually any kit configuration and uses your existing tom and snare mounting hardware regardless of which brand or size kit you play.

Now you can enjoy a clutter-free stage appearance like never before, with less to setup and less to carry when the gig is over.

Benefits of The STEALTH VMS:
Low-profile, distinctive look really showcases your drum kit
Versatile design works with any drum kit setup... from 4-piece to double bass
Small footprint fits on any stage
Accommodates double bass drum pedals and deep snare drums
Allows for easy positioning unlike traditional racks that lock you in and don't move
No Tripods! Creates a clean and uncluttered stage appearance
Minimal hardware equals less weight to carry, easier setup and tear down
Easy transport with the optional wheeled transport bag: just tear it down and wheel it out!

GIGSVMS Stealth pack includes:
1 x GSCGRSCTLA Chrome T-leg Assembly
1 x GSMTL 11" tall mini T-leg for snare
1 x 18" vertical mounting post
1 x GSCGPRSBAR 30" bent bar
2 x GSCGCRA Chrome right angle clamp
2 x GSCRMAADP Nylon bushing set 3/4", 7/8" and 1"