$29.95 AUD

The MDA7016 16-24 Channel Mixer Cover is a soft, lint-free, weather-resistant enclosure that keeps an audio mixer or similarly sized device from gathering dust when not in use and also protects against damage caused by debris, UV rays, and moisture.

Made of high-quality spandex, the cover stretches to envelop a wide range of small to midsize mixers with 16 to 24 channels and contracts to prevent slipping for a snug, secure fit. A cinch cord with a spring-loaded cord lock provides extra tightening to ensure the cover stays firmly in place. The entire cover folds or rolls up into its built-in closable pouch for ease of load in, setup, teardown, and load out while also enabling compact storage and efficient transportation.

When the cover is in use, the built-in pouch lays flat and is completely hidden inside the cover. Made of durable spandex for long-lasting protection, the cover's plain black design unobtrusively blends into any stage, studio, or practice setup for a professional presentation.


  • Lint-free, weather-resistant spandex protects the mixer from dust, debris, and moisture
  • Stretches to provide a snug fit for a wide range of small to midsize mixers with 16-24 channels
  • Cinch cord with cord lock tightens the cover to securely hold it on the mixer
  • Folds into its built-in pouch and cinches closed for efficient storage and transportation


  • Application: Mixer protection
  • Length: 27" - 34"
  • Width: 19" - 23"
  • Depth: 12"
  • Material: Spandex
  • Colour: Black