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The bass player, together with the drummer, form what is called the "rhythm section" of a group. They create the backing beat, driving force and 'tightness' necessary for a successful group.

Progressive Beginner Blues Bass is suitable for beginners, but it would be preferable to have some knowledge of bass playing before starting this book. Progressive Beginner Bass is suggested as a primer. During the course of Progressive Beginner Blues Bass, you will learn bass lines using all of the common note and rest values used in music, along with the scales, arpeggios and fingering patterns used by the world's best bass players. A variety of styles are covered including Shuffles, Slow Blues, Soul, Rock'n' Roll and Funky R&B, which are the roots of most of todays Popular music styles. All the examples sound great and are fun to play. The book also covers music theory as it applies to bass playing. Anyone who completes this book will be well on the way to being an excellent Blues bass player.

The best and fastest way to learn is to use this book in conjunction with:

  • 1. Buying sheet music and song books of your favourite recording artists and learning to play their songs.
  • 2. Practicing and playing with other musicians. You will be surprised how good a basic drums / bass / guitar combination can sound even when playing easy music.
  • 3. Learning by listening to your favourite recordings.

It's recommended that you use the accompanying audio available (see the front of this book for more details). The book explains the techniques to use, while the audio lets you hear how each example should sound when played correctly.