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This book takes an innovative approach to learning funk guitar. Progressive Funk and R&B Guitar Technique uses both chords and single note riffs to help the student gain control of timing and rhythms, which are essential to good Funk playing. The book contains a study of both rhythm and lead guitar, since a funk guitarist needs to be equally comfortable with both.

Many of the basic lead guitar techniques such as Hammer ons, Pull offs, Bends and Slides, as well as the five basic major chord shapes are covered in the previous book Progressive Funk and R&B Guitar Method, which is recommended as a primer to this book.

Progressive Funk and R&B Guitar Technique introduces new techniques such as percussive strumming to help you get the right feel for the music straight away. A range of exciting chord sounds essential to Funk and R&B are introduced throughout the book, along with the Mixolydian and Dorian modes and harmonic intervals such as octaves, 6ths, 3rds and 4ths. A range of Funk styles are examined, as well as some great Soul and R+B sounds. Anyone who successfully completes this book will be well on the way to becoming an excellent Funk guitarist with a well rounded knowledge of the music.

It's recommended that you use the accompanying audio available (see the front of this book for more details). The book explains the techniques to use, while the audio lets you hear how each example should sound when played correctly.