$279.99 AUD

SoundOff drum mutes are the most popular line of volume control products available. The mutes provide a significant volume reduction to keep practice noise to a minimum. SoundOff drum mutes feature a durable construction that can withstand frequent practicing. 

For over 60 years, EVANS has been an innovator in drumhead manufacturing and design. As the creator of the first synthetic drumhead and other revolutionary products such as EMAD, Hydraulics, and the UV1 series, EVANS drumheads are designed with the intent of solving problems for drummers. Regarded for high quality and consistency all EVANS drumheads are made in the USA and feature Level 360 Technology.
Drum mutes for rock-sized kits; 10, 12, 16 (snare), 16 plus bass and cymbal mutes
Adjustable bass mute fits 18" to 26" bass drums
Realistic cymbal and hi-hat rebound
A great gift for any drummer; practice at home without having to worry about volume control
All SoundOff by EVANS drum mutes are designed, engineered, and manufactured to the most stringent quality control standards in the industry